Special Project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art


11.12.2015 – 04.02.2016
Smena Contemporary Culture Center (Kazan)

As part of the Winter Book Festival, the first festival of art books in Russia, the Cinema of Repeat Film was shown to Kazan’s inhabitants and the guests of the city. The contemporary and ample space of the Smena Centre of Contemporary Culture made it possible not only to “repeat” “Repeat Film”, but also to make an exhibition about the exhibition.

Dmitry Gutov
Irina Korina
Taisia Korotkova
Yuri Palmin
Alexandra Paperno
Svetlana Shuvayeva
Natalya Vitsina
Evgeny Yufit

Curators: Ekaterina Inozemtseva, Natalya Nusinova and Alexandra Paperno
Author of the idea: Alexandra Paperno


In addition to the works of the six artists of the Moscow exhibition, visitors to the Smena Centre of Contemporary Culture also saw Irina Korina’s bas-relief Rise Up in the Fires, which recalled not only the pin badge of the Soviet pioneer movement, but also the exposition plan of the Moscow exhibition. Documents on the history of the Circular Kinopanorama and the dummy of the cinema by Svetlana Shuvayeva were placed in Smena opposite the wall with the flags from Alexandra Paperno’s installation Colouring, which became the calling card of the Moscow exhibition. Yuri Palmin presented a series of photographs, which deliver the exhibition concept to the audience with documented honesty.

At the opening of the exhibition, Alexandra Galkina presented her performance Dj Galqueena — Happy Artist’s Hardcore Set.

Artists and authors of the exhibition: Ekaterina Inozemtseva, Elena Petrovskaya, Irina Korina and Anna Kotomina delivered lectures, which became part of the framework programme of the Winter Book Festival.