taisia korotkova

These Experiments Could Continue Forever!

Taisia Korotkova in her art regularly addresses one subject: visual beauty, the visual attractiveness of the world of science with all its laboratories, experimental workshops, etc. At the same time, Korotkova paints using one of the most ancient techniques: tempera on wood. The clear contrast between the subject and form of execution appears in the diptych created by the artist specially for the exhibition Cinema of Repeat Films. She drew her inspiration for these works from Vasiliy Zhuravlyov’s 1935 film The Space Flight about a flight of Soviet scientists to the moon. The great Russian investigator, inventor and scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a consultant on the film. He drew specially for the film not only the first ever models of flying machines, but also plans regarding the behaviour of the human body in zero gravity, etc., combining this all in his Album of Space Travel. Korotkova, entranced by the film frame from The Space Flight, a visually effective image of the start of the machine Joseph Stalin from the surface of the earth, transfers this epic scene to a small wooden plank, extending the life of the film reel, repeatedly expanding the duration of its presence, and stopping time.

Taisia Korotkova was born in 1980 in Moscow. In 1998, she graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts, in 2003 from the Institute of Contemporary Art, in 2004 from the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. She received a scholarship from the Russian Ministry of Culture for 2004-2005. She is a laureate of the Kandinsky Prize in 2010 as Young Artist of the Year. She has participated in more than 30 solo and group exhibitions, including: Reproduction (Salon Vert in London), Beauty of Science (The Cristobal Gabarron Foundation Museum in Valladolid, Spain), Ready for Take-off? (Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Moscow), Closed Russia (Triumph Gallery in Moscow), New Narrators in Russian Art of the XX-XXI Centuries (State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg), Swedish Family (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Special project for the Third Moscow Biennale of Modern Art in Moscow), Swedish Family (Uppsala Konstmuseum in Uppsala Sweden), Freedom (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Second Moscow International Young Artists Biennale), Stop! Who’s There?, Kandinsky Prize 2010 (Central House of Arts in Moscow), On the Contrary (Vinzavod, Red Workshop in Moscow), the main project Redrawing Worlds (Fourth Moscow International Biennale of Modern Art in Moscow), V-Museum (Berliner Festspiele in Berlin), Checkpoint (Project Fabrika in Moscow), Lenin: Icebreaker (Lenin Icebreaker in Murmansk, Russia), Department of Work and Labour (Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow), etc. She lives and works in Milan.