Yuri Palmin



“The space offers the thought that while eyes and minds are welcome, space-occupying bodies are not – or are tolerated only as kinesthetic mannequins for further study. This Cartesian paradox is reinforced by one of the icons of our visual culture: the installation shot, sans figures. Here at last the spectator, oneself, is eliminated. You are there without being there – one of the major services provided for art by its old antagonist, photography. The installation shot is a metaphor for the gallery space” –Brian O’Doherty. Inside the White Cube. The Ideology of the Gallery Space

In Yuri Palmin’s architectural photography the subject takes unconditional precedence over any authorial interpretation. In Palmin’s opinion, the actual gaze of the photographer focused on reality contains the maximum possible level of subjectivity that may be controlled by photographic equipment.

Yuri Palmin was born in Moscow and studied at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University. He started his professional career as a photographer of architecture in 1989. He works based on orders from leading Russian and foreign architects. He cooperates with popular and professional publications all over the world. He teaches at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Strelka Institute and MARCH. He participates in art projects jointly with such artists as Alena Kirtsova, Alexander Brodsky, Vladislav Efimov, Alexandra Paperno, Sergei Leontyev. He lives in Moscow.